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Meta removes its Responsible Innovation team


Meta removes its Responsible Innovation team

Meta has, once again, set forth a change in its company strategy. This time, it has dissolved its Responsible Innovation team that was designed to address “potential harms to society” that could be caused by the company’s products including Facebook and Instagram.

Amid unprecedented struggles faced by Meta, including its revenue falling for the very first time and Facebook experiencing a drop in app popularity rankings, its cost-cutting response appears to reverse course on the approach to social responsibility it set out last year.

In June 2021, the Responsible Innovations team was highlighted as a crucial element of Meta’s new corporate strategy, with apparent special consideration for “the potential harms across a broad spectrum of societal issues and dilemmas” that could be caused by the company’s social media platforms. However, just over a year later, it appears as though Meta has deemed the division to be unnecessary within its current strategic direction.

Meta has said that, despite the disbandment of the Responsible Innovation group, the purpose and efforts of the team will remain within the company’s strategic approach.

As Meta manages what is arguably the most tumultuous period in the company’s existence to date, it leaves users to wonder how this may affect the way they use Facebook. While the lack of a dedicated social responsibility team within Facebook may make a difference to the way in which the company is perceived, it is likely that Meta will endeavour to maintain a positive image within the company, especially during a tough time such as this.

However, those of us that use Facebook or Instagram for business purposes should not notice any changes to the way the platforms operate, especially if using Facebook Ads services. Here at Engage Web, we offer training and coaching in Facebook Ads that can help clients to get the best results from their campaigns. To take advantage of this service, be sure to give us a call to see how we can help.

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