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Meta provides update on newsletter platform Bulletin

Squirrel reading news

Meta provides update on newsletter platform Bulletin

Meta – the company that owns Instagram and Facebook, among others – has released an update for the end of the year regarding its newsletter platform Bulletin.

Bulletin was released in April of this year, and although it isn’t yet a major competitor for other newsletter tools like Substack, Social Media Today reports that it has been progressing steadily. In the update, which was published on Bulletin itself, Meta’s Campbell Brown and Ben Peskoe explained that the tool was “a new kind of product for Meta”, and that the company took a careful approach in opening it up to creators. When it was launched, Bulletin was open to a small, select group of newsletter creators, and it has since grown to house over 115 publications.

In the update, Brown and Peskoe commented:

“We’re energized by all the ways this first group has made meaningful connections with their audiences. This is the start of our overall effort to connect people in a more significant way to content from a broader set of sources and experts.”

The update also revealed that, despite many publications only being launched on the platform in the past couple of months, over half of Bulletin creators have more than 1,000 email subscribers, with many of those having subscribers that number in the 5,000s and 10,000s.

Looking to the year ahead, the Meta representatives explained that the company plans to increase the number of creators it has on the platform, improving it ahead of expanding its numbers. As part of these improvements, the company plans to expand the content types and topics available to cater to short- and long-form writers, creators that focus on audio and those who communicate via video.

In addition, Meta plans to help writers to both grow their subscribers and monetise their publications. It has observed that writers on the platform are beginning to build businesses by making their content accessible via a paywall and offering their readers incentives to become premium subscribers.

The unrivalled reach Meta can offer creators is undoubtedly one of its most attractive selling points, and combined with the potential for more writers to come aboard this platform in 2022, and with more monetisation features set to be added, Bulletin is a platform well-worth keeping an eye on. If you’d like to have a chat about how you can make use of online tools like this to make money for your business, reach out to our team here at Engage Web.

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