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Meta launches new social media platform Threads

Meta launches new social media platform Threads

After months of speculation regarding the launch of a text-based social media app to rival Twitter, Meta has officially launched Threads, which the company is calling “Instagram’s text-based conversation app”.

According to Meta CEO Mark Zuckerberg, Threads serves as a “friendly” alternative to the ongoing controversy of Twitter, which most recently endured a chaotic weekend where the app’s functionality appeared to shut down altogether. Launching Threads in the early hours of this morning, Zuckerberg says that over 10 million users signed up to the app in its first seven hours.

The app is available to download in the UK, though it has not been released in the EU due to regulatory concerns. Already, a number of concerns have been raised about the app, including from former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey, in regard to Threads’ privacy and data collection policies, which suggest the app may be used to collect health and financial data, among other data points.

While Threads is a separate app, users sign up for the platform using their Instagram account. Although users are able to customise their Threads account and Instagram separately, those who have already decided the new app isn’t for them have discovered that you can’t delete your Threads account without deleting your Instagram account too, so be sure to think carefully about whether you want a Threads account at all.

With an increasing number of disgruntled Twitter users appearing to seek an alternative text-based social media platform to use, the emergence of Threads may cause serious problems for owner Elon Musk.

It remains to be seen whether Threads will become a viable hub for businesses to reach their target audiences online. However, with the rate in which users are joining the platform, now may be the perfect time to start sharing content and marketing your business on Threads. If you do join, be sure to drop us a follow – we’re @engageweb over on Threads.

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