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Meta launches new policy to combat fake reviews


Meta launches new policy to combat fake reviews

As of Monday, Meta has launched a new policy that will target misleading, offensive and fake reviews on its platforms.

Called the Community Feedback Policy, it essentially outlines the different parameters and provides clear regulations regarding what business and product reviews can and can’t include. In an article making the policy announcement, Meta explained that it would help to keep the reviews on its platforms – which include Facebook and Instagram and are home to over 200 million businesses worldwide – both “authentic and trustworthy”.

The policy is split into five sections – Manipulation, Incentivization, Irrelevance, Graphic or Inappropriate Content, and Spam. The sections are largely self-explanatory, but are detailed further below:

Meta reviews policy

For businesses, one of the most significant sections may be Incentivization – meaning people can’t receive free gifts, discounts or money in exchange for a review. However, the Irrelevance section will also be of interest, as this should mean that people simply out to portray a company in a bad light without cause by leaving a bad review (perhaps a competitor, for example) should be unsuccessful in their attempts.

A breach of this new policy will require proof in order for Meta to take action. Assumedly, if the breach comes from the reviewer, that review will be removed, but if Meta finds a clear link between a page and these policy breaches, that page will face a penalty. Meta will be using both real human reviewers and automated technology to uncover these violations, though it is also encouraging businesses and individuals to report any reviews they find suspect on its platforms as well.

Currently, this new policy has been rolled out in the US only, but as always with significant Meta updates, it’s never too long before they make their way onto our shores too.

Online reviews can make or break a business, and they play a key role in establishing an effective online presence. To learn more, speak to our team at Engage Web today.

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