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Meta Facebook

Meta introduces new AI tools for Facebook Ads

Meta Facebook

Meta introduces new AI tools for Facebook Ads

Meta has announced a crop of new artificial intelligence (AI)-powered features that will soon be made available to advertisers.

Currently, these tools are undergoing testing, and Meta has coined its AI tool testing environment as the “AI Sandbox”. As part of this Sandbox, it has revealed three tools it has in the works to help improve ad performance for businesses on its platforms.

1. Text Variation

The first tool in the works is text variation. The premise of this is simple – an advertiser inputs their ad text, and Meta will generate different versions of that text. This will allow advertisers to test out alternative copy to determine what’s most effective, with them only having to do the legwork of writing the copy themselves once. What’s more, if they’re not the most skilled writer, an advertiser could use this tool to improve upon the copy they have written, and could simply opt to use one of the alternative options in its place.

2. Background Generation

The next tool is background generation. With this, advertisers will upload an image, and then input a description of what they’d like the background of that image to look like. Meta will then generate a background that matches the description. This will be particularly useful for those who are not skilled at editing images, don’t have access to the appropriate software or have the time to do so. It will also easily allow different image styles to be tested out to see what works best for different audiences.

3. Image Outcropping

There are various placements advertisers can make use of with Meta, such as the news feeds of Facebook and Instagram, Facebook’s right-hand column on desktop devices and Stories on both Facebook and Instagram. Currently, a single ad could not be posted to all placements, as each placement has different image requirements –Stories, for example, require a portrait rectangular image, whereas news feed ads are better suited to square images. Meta’s third AI tool, however, will make posting a creative to different placements much easier, as it will adjust a creative to fit the different aspect ratio requirements.

These three tools will all have time-saving benefits for advertisers, along with providing access to some skills that they themselves may not possess. As mentioned, these tools are currently in testing with a small group, with Meta planning to slowly expand the access in July, and then make some of the new tools widely available to advertisers later in 2023.

At present, AI-generated text and images do need to be taken with a pinch of caution – AI-generated images, in particular, can have a questionable appearance at times*! The best way to get truly unique content, of course, is to create it yourself. With Facebook and Instagram advertising being very much examples of interruption marketing, wherein you need to stop people in their tracks and interrupt their day, as they’re not actively looking for your products or services in that given moment, standing out is essential. If everyone makes use of these AI tools, there’s no telling as to whether ads on the platforms could all start to seem very formulaic and therefore not stand out at all.

Time will tell as to the effectiveness of these tools. In the meantime, if you’d like to learn how to craft effective Facebook Ads yourself, join EngageWeb.Club today and get free access to our Ultimate Facebook Ads Master Academy.

Emily Jones

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