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Memorable social media marketing events of 2011

Memorable social media marketing events of 2011

Social media remains a growing industry on the Internet today; for the great and the good, the great unwashed and the great and not so great of the business world.

However, 2011 was something of a damp squib regards any major advances. Despite this, Mashable.com seems to think there were some things we should remember.

The biggest thing to happen to social media was Google +, which started off slowly back in the summer, but is now gaining momentum. Initially launched to invited members only, then released to the public, brands can now get in on the action. As an SEO tool, it is still unclear how successful it will become.

Facebook underwent another change, belated though they were. The major change was the way user News Feeds would be populated. Driven by how interesting content is deemed to be, marketers and web content writers will certainly need to buck their ideas up.

Twitter also really came of age in the online marketing world, and hiked its Promoted Trends price by 300 percent in celebration. However, clever little SEOs can still exploit this medium without paying these rates, through the use of the hashtag and, in doing so, attract a far more organic and likely profitable following.

Online marketing as a whole took some interesting turns too; notably the fever for daily deals and coupons which hit a rich vein. Likely to continue for a while, it is a strategy which has caught out a few companies.

As we enter 2012, it will be interesting to see how marketers exploit the new opportunities.

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