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Megan Fox is the secret to SEO success

Megan Fox is the secret to SEO success

Megan Fox may have only emerged in recent years (largely due to the first Transformers movie from Michael Bay) but she has quickly established herself as something of an icon. She has been nicknamed ‘Mega Fox’ (shortly after ‘that scene’ from Transformers) and is one of the most photographed women in the world.

Megan Fox is also SEO gold and the secret to SEO success!

Seriously. Back before the Millennium bug never happened, the dotcom bubble was at its fullest and SEO was a ‘buzzword’ that nobody understood, it was the princess of pop ‘Britney Spears’ who dominated the search waves online. It was Britney’s fault (albeit indirectly) that the keywords meta tag was ditched by Google, when her name occupied a place in most people’s keywords tag in the hope of ranking for a search on her name.

The keywords tag may have gone (at least for Google) and Britney Spears may have become somewhat ‘overexposed’, but the allure of a beautiful woman still holds strong on the Internet, and today, in 2009, it is Megan Fox who guarantees Internet traffic in spades.

For example, the below screenshot from Google Analytics shows the traffic from a website for October. The traffic is fairly consistent, until an article that mentions Megan Fox is published. You can probably guess when that was.

Now, you’re probably thinking what use is traffic from users looking for information (or probably photos) on Megan Fox. You’d be right, the traffic is unlikely to convert into sales or leads, unless of course your website sells Megan Fox merchandise – however, think about the SEO advantages.

  • The more people who see your website, the more people that are likely to link to it from blogs, forums etc.
  • If you’re a Google News Publisher (as this website in question is) then you’ll pick up links from the many, many, Megan Fox websites that use Google News feeds and build natural links
  • The more people who see your website, the better brand recognition you’ll have

If you break SEO down into a traffic building, link building, rankings improving exercise then Megan Fox is your quickest route to success.

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