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Marketers tracking Facebook / Yahoo talks

Marketers tracking Facebook / Yahoo talks

Online marketers and those working across platforms in SEO will be monitoring news that Facebook and Yahoo! could soon announce a tie-up. Reportedly in talks to work together on search, the deal would further cement their collaboration work.

If finalised, the deal would also likely bring an end to the Yahoo! / Microsoft collaboration, signed in 2009. Ending the decade-long agreement could prove problematic however, with any deal likely to impact hugely on Microsoft.

According to reports, the chief executive of Yahoo!, Marissa Meyer, and the CEO of the social network have been talking for some time. The two firms already work together on a number of projects, such as delivering news to Facebook users.

They have also recently settled several protracted patent lawsuits.

The world’s biggest social platform has for long-time cited search as a major growth area, with founder Mark Zuckerberg saying Facebook holds a unique position to be exploited. Teaming up with Yahoo! will allow these plans to be realised.

Critically, it will also allow advertising on the platform to be far more relevant and personal.

For Yahoo!’s part, it will allow the search engine driven firm to tap into more than 1 billion users. Considering Google’s near stranglehold on the market, it could prove a decisive move.

It is this aspect above all others that makes the move so interesting to follow for those concerned with search engine optimisation. The inevitable cross-company recruitment of programmers and cross-platform attraction would likely boost its market share considerably.

At present though, bot firms have remained resolutely tight-lipped about discussing the rumours.

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