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Many happy returns equal increased SEO

Many happy returns equal increased SEO

Some people like to go on holiday to the same place every year. That might not seem too unusual, as certain places are so agreeably beautiful that one could imagine wanting to return many times, accumulating happy memories – but a parallel could be drawn with crafting your website’s SEO.

Imagine a family who always travel to Cornwall every summer, and who always stay at the same campsite. Now, this could be explained in terms of the site suiting the family’s needs in a number of ways. Perhaps its location is a particularly attractive one, and handy for visiting other places. Maybe the family have grown to know the owners and feel as if they are visiting old friends. On top of all this, the family always choose to pitch their tent in the same corner of the field, a favourite spot which the owners reserve for them annually.

This family has a lot in common with visitors returning to a website. Return visits mean increased traffic and more links and are beneficial for SEO. Content can be carefully crafted in order to appeal to the expected audience of a site, making visitors feel so comfortable and ‘at home’ that they then want to return again and again.

Experienced UK copywriters and content writers can create the right words to make readers feel that they are visiting old acquaintances who know just what they like. In cyberspace, there is no need to reserve a corner of a field. Readers can freely pitch up at a favourite website every month, week or even daily, with positive results for SEO.

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