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Making the video ‘SEO: A Public Service Announcement’

Making the video ‘SEO: A Public Service Announcement’

Here at StuckOn, we don’t just work on SEO for websites in the usual sense, we also work on other aspects of web promotion and internet marketing, such as videos for YouTube.

It may surprise you to know that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the UK, behind Google, and it receives more searches than both Yahoo and Bing. While yes, the vast majority of videos on YouTube consist of people falling over, babies laughing or cats being thrust into wheelie bins, the $1.65 billion website (because that’s what Google paid for it) also contains TV shows, adverts, promotional films, music videos and even entire feature films. YouTube is on course to replace television as the entertainment medium of a generation, and TV advertising revenues have fallen below those of Internet advertising for the first time ever in the UK in 2009.

In addition to all of this; due to the obscene figure that Google paid for YouTube, the search giant is keen to promote it and use wherever possible, and this means ranking videos within its natural search results. Whether you intend to search for videos or not the chances are, if you’ve used Google to find anything remotely interesting, you’ll have seen videos from YouTube crop up in the search results.

How does YouTube help with SEO?

What does all of this mean? It means that YouTube isn’t just for watching videos of cats being thrust into wheelie bins; YouTube is about promoting services, promoting websites, increasing brand recognition and boosting SEO. The best bit is, through SEO, you can actually help your YouTube videos to be ranked by Google. In doing so, you can ensure that your videos rank in Google’s index for keywords, giving your brand even more presence in the search giant’s index.

With this in mind, one of the services we provide at StuckOn is videos for YouTube. Using a combination of SEO and video production, we produce videos for our clients that showcase their services and help their rankings on the first page of Google. Our in-house team handles this, a highly trained bunch as you can see by the photographs, headed up by BA Hons Film and Video graduate Darren Jamieson, who studied at Newport Film School under Allan Niblo (producer Human Traffic, The Football Factory) and alongside Phil Claydon (director Lesbian Vampire Killers).

SEO Videos from StuckOn

One video that we produced for ourselves recently was this effort about SEO, in the style of a 1950’s public service announcement.

Our video explains how SEO techniques, employed by our team of ‘boffins’, can help June’s website to rank high ‘on the Google and whatnot’. Notice how Tarquin’s pipe moves in tune to his fingers as he works on June’s on-page SEO – this is an essential part of the search engine optimisation process!

Once the film was shot, it was edited digitally using Adobe Premier. The voiceover was recorded and added separately, and then all that was left was to age the video to take it back 60 years.

The aged film grain, complete with scratches on the film and hairs in the gate, was created by exporting the finished video from Adobe Premier and importing it into Windows Movie Maker – which has a series of filters to achieve such an effect. This made our youthful cast look like rejects from the 1950s; complete with pale skin and sepia tones.

The finished video, as you can see, looks like a 1950’s public service announcement about SEO – something that didn’t exist until 1997.

Darren Jamieson

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