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Making fun of English grammar

Making fun of English grammar

School children aged between nine and 15 attending Peterborough schools will be improving their English grammar standards using a card game invented by a 13 year old boy. Unbelievably, Crawford Johnston, created the game while still in primary school, intended to help him revise for exams. However, the card game has caught the eye of assistant director of education and services, Jonathan Lewis who has confirmed that the game will be distributed to Peterborough schools.

The game, Creative Writing Magic Money Cards are being utilised as part of English lessons in school, to help children who are at the National Curriculum’s Key Stages two and three. The use of paragraphs and grammatical terminology is explained with the cards. For instance, the term ’onomatopoeia’ is explained as words that relate to their sound. Points are accumulated each time a student uses a card, with the most points winning.

Crawford wanted the game to be fun so that children would want to participate in using the cards. The cards have a competitive edge that many children love. It is hoped that the success of the cards will lead to it being distributed to schools all over the UK.

English grammar is a notoriously complex subject, with correct spelling of words crucial to the interpretation. If English isn’t your main language, or you don’t have a grasp of English grammar you will struggle to create accurate and compelling copy. A professional writer won’t rely on the use of cards to create the articles and copy for your business website, as a UK copywriting agency only provides work created by qualified article writers.

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