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Make your website the ideal date, or link partner

Make your website the ideal date, or link partner

When your site’s going a-courting, it really needs to have every hair in place, its best shoes shined, and that cheeky gleam in its eye. It can’t be the sort of site that looks like the love ’em and leave ’em type, but it doesn’t want to look like a site that wears cardigans either.

When on earth would a website go a-courting, I hear you ask? Really, your site is on the dating market from day one. Your website is constantly looking to attract Internet users, courting Google’s good opinion and trying to get linking sites to commit. If your site’s social life was a TV program, it would come out with more drama and action than Hollyoaks (and dare we say, a much better script that that of the soap set in a fictional suburb of Chester).

While slightly unattractive sites may have a chance at some action from Internet users, only the most attractive sites can hope to get links. As one of your SEO jobs, you have to work on your site’s attraction to potential linkers. This means cleaning up design, making sure your content is up to scratch, and doing the research to make sure the pages you’re advertising are the ones most suited to the linker.

Setting your site up for a date is a scary thing to do, but every doting site owner has to do it. When you do, you want to make sure that it doesn’t look like a site that sits in its bedroom all day, playing computer games. Instead, you want it to look like the sort of site other sites’ parents would like to have over to dinner.

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