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Make your technical site a mainstream superstar

Make your technical site a mainstream superstar

Want to make your website a superstar? It could be easier than you think. All you have to do is make like Numb3rs.

The US crime show Numb3rs has managed to do what was, for many years, thought impossible: make maths interesting (it also managed to introduce the use of numerals as part of the alphabet, a feat only the movie Se7en had managed before, but that’s not really going to help your SEO).

The main event in every episode is when mathematical genius Charlie Epps surveys a crime scene and draws an immediate parallel to a complicated maths problem. This isn’t the truly inspirational part of the show, however; Charlie uses everyday analogies to explain his complex ideas to his layman brother.

Mathematical careers may not seem to be a lot like SEO careers, and mostly they aren’t. One of the reasons Numb3rs is so successful is because it takes a subject that seems out of reach to the average person and makes it understandable. This is something you can use for your search engine optimisation content.

A lot of online businesses run into trouble in failing to talk at their customers’ level. This turns into a big problem if it translates into their SEO content. Using analogies is a great way to render the technical understandable and, even more importantly, interesting. It’s what can turn your technical site into a superstar of the Internet.

Note: One way in which your site should differ from Numb3rs is in keeping your analogies accurate. There’s always the chance that a mathematical genius is watching.

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