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Make your site the real life of the party

Make your site the real life of the party

At the average party, there’s a fairly predictable range of people. There are the wallflowers, the prima donnas, the comedians and the intellectuals. Usually flying under the radar, though, is the real life of the party, the person who manages to make their way around the entire room, making friends with everyone and soothing any ruffled feathers as they go.

Different people will aspire to be different characters at a party, but for a business, the most valuable person to be is this mysterious central creature. Knowing everyone, and being able to exert a subtle influence, is the best place for any business to be.

Networking online for your site’s search engine optimisation bears a strong resemblance to networking at a party. The same types of personalities are involved, and the same personal dynamics appear. It can be a good idea to think in terms of party dynamics when approaching other sites in the course of your SEO.

For example, many site owners act like the self-proclaimed ‘life of the party’ when trying to hustle links out of their fellow site owners. We’ve all encountered this personality – brash, loud, and totally self-focussed. Such site owners tend to stumble onto forums and social media sites, demanding attention and generally being annoying.

Emulating the real life of a party is a far better way to go. Work your way into the conversation. Listen to what others have to say. Build genuine friendships, and wait to reap the rewards. A site that is the real life of the party is likely to go far, but it won’t happen overnight.

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