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AI Conversation

Make conversation with Google’s new LaMDA model

AI Conversation

Make conversation with Google’s new LaMDA model

Google has recently highlighted its new artificial intelligence (AI) technology that can exchange dialogue around specific topics to eliminate multiple poorly searched queries.

The experimental model, called Language Model for Dialogue Applications or LaMDA, has the ability to retrieve information and generate natural conversation with users, and has finally been announced after years in the making.

At Google’s I/O conference, hosted between the 18th and 20th May, Google demonstrated LaMDA’s abilities through videos of short conversations with the model. Below shows one of Google’s exhibition videos, posted via the search engine’s Twitter account, to portray how LaMDA works:

In a recent blog post, Senior Research Director Zoubin Ghahramani explained:

“…our latest research breakthrough, adds pieces to one of the most tantalizing sections of that puzzle: conversation.”

LaMDA creates a flowing and natural conversation, removing the hassle of numerous loosely composed searches, and may cause other AI systems like Amazon’s Alexa or Apple’s Siri to feel some pressure. In the same way you might have a genuine conversation with your friend, LaMDA engages in multiple topics and is able to jump between them, steering away from the pre-defined paths chatbots tend to adhere to.

While this new, innovative technology sounds great, Google has been quick to mention its priority in minimizing risks, such as offensive language and bias. This vision is highly ambitious and complex, but from previous launches such as Google Assistant and Google Home, there is little doubt that Google has the technology for this to become reality.

So, what does this mean for businesses? Will websites have to adapt to these search advances?

LaMDA is, at present, still under research and being internally tested to cope with the versatility of humanity’s language, so there is currently no proposal of a release date, nor much insight of the impact it may have on existing search engine optimisation (SEO). For more information on how these updates from Google could affect your online presence, contact a member of the Engage Web team today.

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