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Majority of UK kids have permanent internet connection

Majority of UK kids have permanent internet connection

A recent study by the Office of National Statistics (ONS), has shown that just under 90 percent of kids in the UK have access to the internet. Though not clear in this study what their habits are when online, that kids have such access should alert online marketers across the country.

Whilst children in the households of the UK will unlikely have much means to convert much of their browsing to purchases, getting child-targeted search engine optimisation (SEO) strategies right is important.

We all know just how attuned kids are to getting their own way. As a result selling a service it product well to kids online is essential to get the parents to part with their cash.

That 89% of the UK population of kids has internet access is great for online retailers but, the latest ONS Family Spending Survey, actually painted a rather bleak picture.

The headline figure was that a third of kids in the UK do not have home internet connections, with a similar number lacking their own computer too.

Campaigners looking to improve the lot of the poorest children in the country are calling for this to be addressed. Suggesting that having no internet access could damage a pupil’s education, the E-Learning Foundation’s Valerie Thompson said:

“These new statistics show the digital divide is still a major issue for this country’s young people.

“Poverty is clearly a factor in poor access to digital learning technologies and poor performance at school. The link between the two cannot be ignored.”

With a high number of kids online, many parents also admitted to being worried about the time kids spent on social networking sites.

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