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LinkedIn to crack down on invitation spam


LinkedIn to crack down on invitation spam

Business networking platform LinkedIn has announced that it will be taking new steps to make sure users are not spamming their connections with continuous invites to follow their business page.

It plans to do this by limiting the number of invites page admins are able to send out on a monthly basis. Page follow invitation spam has become a big problem in the past for the platform, so much so that at one point, LinkedIn removed the ability to send these invites.

It reintroduced page follow invites back in November and the company is now taking steps to safeguard the feature and protect it from being abused. It will do so by introducing an invitation credits system.

Each month, LinkedIn will give users 100 credits, which can be exchanged to invite a connection to follow their page. One invite will equal one credit. While this would suggest that users would be allowed to send 100 invites each month, they may actually make more, because for every invite accepted, LinkedIn will return one credit.

Furthermore, credits will not roll over from one month to the next, so any not used will go to waste. It is therefore advised that page owners use up their credits as part of their audience-building strategy.

LinkedIn also highlights that if a page has multiple admins, these credits will be split among the admins, so it will be 100 invites per page as opposed to 100 invites per admin.

The introduction of the credit system will see the site crack down on users’ current limits. At present, users can send up to 50 invites on a daily basis, which if used in its entirety would see a user sending out 1,500 invites per month.

The credit system will work in line with the existing restrictions on page follow invites. These are that only pages with fewer than 100,000 followers and admins with more than three connections can send invites.

Users can opt out of receiving page follow invitations altogether through the account settings menu.

LinkedIn can be an extremely useful resource for generating leads, networking with peers and showcasing your business to others. For help with the management of your company’s page, why not get in touch with Engage Web and let us help you make the most out of the platform?

Alan Littler

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