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LinkedIn to add new features for company pages

Business social media

LinkedIn to add new features for company pages

Business networking platform LinkedIn has recently announced that it will be introducing a number of new features to the site that have been designed to help companies stay better engaged with employees, and to help them get the most out of their pages.

LinkedIn announced the arrival of these new features in a blog post* earlier this week. They will allow employees to stay better informed about what the company is doing online and to help them share the latest and best content. The tools will also help businesses to optimise their pages and build a sense of community, which can be essential in building a brand, attracting the right customers and recruiting the right employees.

So what are these new features?

LinkedIn has introduced three new features and these are demonstrated in a video posted to the company’s YouTube page, and embedded in the blog post.

Employee notifications

The first of the trio of features is employee notifications. Company page admins will now be able to alert their employees about important posts on the page, which will make it simpler for these employees to engage and share the content.

Furthermore, to ensure that this feature isn’t abused or taken advantage of, LinkedIn has also integrated safeguards, one of which will limit these notifications to once a week so employees do not become overwhelmed with notifications.

Team Moments

The next feature is known as ‘Kudos and Team Moments’. This feature allows the page admins to create custom content formats specifically for the company. This can be for such purposes as welcoming a new recruit, highlighting outstanding work and recognising team members. This will show that there is a human element to the business and highlight the contributions employees make to the company’s best moments.

Profile completion meter

For the final new feature, LinkedIn has made it easier for page admins to optimise their pages with a the addition of a completion meter. This identifies and highlights sections of the profile that are missing and incomplete.

LinkedIn has stated that company pages can generate up to 30% more page views each week compared with incomplete profiles. Some admins have an incomplete page because they don’t know what they are missing. This feature will help admins to complete their profiles as they will be shown what needs to be done, enabling them to take advantage of all features.

LinkedIn can be a useful resource to businesses as it can help to show the qualities of the company and its employees and to help build connections with prospective clients, suppliers and networking partners.

Alan Littler

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