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LinkedIn jumps on bandwagon with new AI features

LinkedIn mobile

LinkedIn jumps on bandwagon with new AI features

Business social media site LinkedIn is rolling out new artificial intelligence (AI) features to help people using the platform to improve their professional profiles, as well as helping companies to write better job descriptions.

AI-generated headlines and summaries

One of the new AI features being released is personalised suggestions to put together better headlines on your professional profile, and also to help you write better summaries based on your work experience.

The new AI will analyse your job history and everything you have already entered into your LinkedIn profile – this means that you need to make sure that your profile is up-to-date and includes all your relevant work experience. The AI will then use this data to generate suggestions for your “About us” section, as well as your LinkedIn profile headline.

The platform will also take into account the tone of voice you use in the rest of your LinkedIn profile to make your headlines and summaries more personalised.

AI-powered job descriptions

Another new feature will help employers make the most of their time carrying out recruitment processes by cutting down on the need to write job descriptions .

The AI will help to create better job descriptions based on the job title, workplace type, company name, location and role type. The new feature will also allow users to create job descriptions centred on people in their personal network whose skills and experience match the job requirements.

Free AI courses

LinkedIn has also announced that its LinkedIn Learning platform will offer all AI-related courses free of charge until June 15. This will allow you to learn more about AI – especially how it fits in with new technology in search, social media and productivity apps.

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