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Link schemes are like a leprechaun’s gold

Link schemes are like a leprechaun’s gold

Dreaming of thousands of links for a teeny tiny investment? Thinking it would be nice to have all the links you need within budget and within time? Why not try this wonderful new link scheme. All you have to do is give your money to the little guy wearing the green suit and the cheeky grin. He’ll lead you to the end of his rainbow and… oh, wait, that’s leprechauns.

Leprechauns may not be famous for giving out cheap paid links, but if they’d survived into modern times they very well could be doing just that. The companies who advertise packages of 1,000 or so links for loose change are preying on the desperation of website owners looking for a quick fix for their search engine rankings. The issues they create however could have a very definite effect on your rankings, but not the type of effect you’re looking for.

Why avoid link leprechauns?

Like leprechaun gold, the benefits from a cheap paid links scheme can melt away in the light of day. Once Google uncovers paid links, they’re devalued. With cheap, badly-concealed paid links, the discovery happens a lot quicker, because the signs are that much more obvious.

The danger of these link schemes is that your site is associated with disreputable sites. This can set your SEO plan back considerably. The main reason to avoid such schemes, though, is that they’re ultimately a waste of your time and money, leaving you feeling victimised and uncertain.

It’s nice to dream, but when it comes to links, that’s about all you can do. For long-lasting effects for your search engine optimisation plan, invest in a quality SEO campaign.

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