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Link Building: Be a Selector, Not a Collector

Link Building: Be a Selector, Not a Collector

What is it about people who love to collect things? Some people are driven by a compulsion to own things for the sake of owning them. The focus of an obsession may be something fairly innocuous, such as porcelain pigs or comics. For the better heeled, it may be that they are hooked on owning fabulously expensive modern art, Faberge Eggs or vintage sports cars. For example, DJ Chris Evans recently forked out a staggering £12m on a rare 1960s Ferrari 250 GTO. I’m sure that he was able to justify his purchase to his accountant – and his wife, come to think of it – as an ‘investment’, but would happily admit that he bought it simply because he wanted it.

Your collection can get out of hand

If not kept in check, collecting can get completely out of hand and rule your life. If you must collect things, it’s best if you exercise some quality control rather than acquire everything that comes your way. The same can be said for building links to your website. When looking to increase the number of links you have, it’s relatively easy to encourage many other lower ranking sites to link to you. Whilst this may not do your website’s rankings any harm, it certainly won’t do them any good either. It’s best to consider such links as low hanging fruit, and instead aim for something better tasting much higher up in the tree.

Links from a reputable, authoritative source such as Wikipedia or BBC News are catnip for Google, and can see a remarkable increase in your rankings. So, how do you build such links? Natural link building is behind the success of most of the Internet’s top sites, but it is incredibly difficult to achieve. It involves periodic, relevant content, such as blogs and news on your website, canny use of social media such as Twitter, and striving to become an authority in your field. There are other SEO methods to be employed too; some are tried and trusted techniques, but most will have to be tailored to your business. It’s worth talking to a reputable search engine optimisation company to find out what they can do to help you build links.

Look at it this way: would you rather have a thousand clapped out old Ladas, or one £12m Ferrari?

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