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Learning to write well takes time

Learning to write well takes time

Knowing how to write words that will entice others to read is a skill that comes with patient practice. Whether the aim is to produce a best-selling novel or excellent SEO copywriting for websites, the secret of learning how to craft words is the same one involved in playing a musical instrument or painting pictures. Every day, one must show up at the desk, keyboard or easel and apply oneself to the task for a specified amount of time.

Famous writers give this advice: if the goal is to become proficient, to be able to weave entire worlds out of prose, or simply to be the most compelling content writer in the county, there is no substitute for settling down to write for half an hour or so each day. Books on grammar and writing techniques may also help a budding wordsmith. It is no use practising without knowledge of basic skills, as bad habits will only become more entrenched over time.

The other rule handed down by many great writers is to read. If one reads widely, so they say, part of the brain absorbs and learns almost without any conscious realisation, and this is reflected in one’s own attempts at writing. The learning process takes many years, and there are some who maintain that one must write a million words before anything of merit will emerge. Maybe one should keep plugging away at that novel, but hire professional content writers to take care of one’s business website in the meantime.

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