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Latest Google Chrome released

Latest Google Chrome released

Google Chrome 16 has been released to the Stable Channel, fully tested by the Google team to prevent any issues. As previously demonstrated in the Beta version, this latest release of Google Chrome has a significant feature that allows users to create multiple profiles for one Chrome instance.

Currently, Google organises all your devices with bookmarks, history and more. However, it also does this for anyone else who uses your Google Chrome, which isn’t the most convenient option. It is now possible to add a new user, by going to the options or preferences button, going to personal stuff and clicking on the tab that reads ‘Add new user’. Another instance of Chrome will emerge, with a button in the top left informing you who it belongs to. You can edit this information to whatever you like. Repeat this cycle as often as you like until all the users for that PC have their own profile. The new feature lets anyone use your instance of Chrome, but have their own profile, customised as they wish.

Google does point out however, that passwords aren’t required for this feature, and anyone can switch profiles. If a person shares their computer with other users, the feature will prove popular. Google Chrome 16 also improves online security for users.

Google currently improves products and features on a regular basis, with multiple Channels available to users. This can make some SEO jobs difficult – or interesting – as Google features prominently in any SEO campaign, requiring constant updates to stay ahead of the competition.

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