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Know where to aim with local SEO

Know where to aim with local SEO

So, the site promoting your local business isn’t doing as well as you wanted. You have a look at the advice around the net, and you decide that SEO is the way to go. Then, either because you want to aim big or because you’ve fallen for one of the clever SEO sales jobs that promise the earth, you pick the most competitive keyword in your field. The result is.. nothing to speak of.

One of the best things you can do for your site is take a realistic assessment before embarking on an SEO plan. Before making any moves, ask yourself these questions:

1. Where is my site in the rankings now? Knowing where you currently stand will help you assess how far you need to go.

2. Where do I need to appear to catch the eye of my customers? If your site advertises your Chester computer repair store, national coverage in keywords isn’t necessary.

3. Is there any way to get an edge? Sometimes, the obvious keywords aren’t the best way to go. Look at alternative keywords for a niche that suits you.

Once you have answered these questions, you’re in a better position to contact an SEO company.

When embarking on search engine optimisation for a local site, it’s important to be aware of your reality. Not only are smaller sites less likely to be able to compete for main keywords, they simply don’t need to. Keep your keywords simple, and see your SEO plan prosper.

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