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Keywords no longer the sole focus of SEO

Keywords no longer the sole focus of SEO

After my first month at Engage Web, I have realised that the days when you could stuff your website full of keywords and associated terms, which in turn allowed you to appear in a healthy position on the first page of Google, are long gone.

I also learned that a site that does not regularly change and update its content will suffer dramatically from search engine neglect and due to this will see its website ranking drop.

Cramming your website with keywords has seen Google implement guidelines for such behaviour, and issue a warning that doing this may lead to it dropping the website from its index. I discovered that spam was targeted by the ‘Panda’ update. The search algorithm is now able to distinguish between content which offers little intrinsic value, and writing that is natural, relevant and coherent.

Keyword-heavy content no longer suffices in the eyes of the Google. Keywords still have a role to play in SEO, however, and selecting the correct ones that elevate you above your competitors is still a must. Just as crucial, however, is the influx of original content – this is something that I have found Engage Web to place great emphasis on.

This being the case, the inclusion of videos, pictures, and other forms of non-textual content will only increase your chances of obtaining a higher search engine ranking.

Here at Engage Web, we’re constantly talking with clients about improving their web presence, and I have been impressed with the professional manner in which the team not only conduct themselves, but also with taking the client’s briefs and ideas on board and developing them further, with content ideas ranging from infographics to copywriting.

We’re always striving to help our clients to achieve their aims, tailoring each SEO plan to maximise results. Never has the phrase ‘our industry, your language’ been more appropriate.

John Murray

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