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Key ways to optimise your website’s content and attract more customers

Key ways to optimise your website’s content and attract more customers

The importance of on-page SEO (search engine optimisation) is huge.

It can be the driving force behind your website’s success, and is one of the key factors when viewers make a decision if they want to buy into your business or not.

That is why it is essential to make sure that all content is relevant and up to date, as ensuring this will reflect positively on your website and business in general.

The main types of content to optimise for on-page SEO are:

  • Website copy – this is the general content that will be displayed on your website and will usually be the most informative, giving people a breakdown on what your website has to offer.
  • Frequently asked questions (FAQs) – this will give you the chance to display answers to some common questions that your business tends to receive, providing an efficient user experience.
  • Case studies and reviews – these can improve the general perception of your company, boosting your reputation as well as providing the opportunity for valuable backlinks, improving the relevance and validating your website.

Once you have optimised the general content, you must ensure it is optimised for search engines to improve visibility. This can include:

  • Metadata optimisation – this includes meta titles, descriptions and subheadings, as they have a huge impact on search engine indexing. Certain keywords and phrases can be included to enhance your website’s discoverability.
  • Formatting content using headings – the use of H1, H2 and H3 tags can allow you to properly structure your content to make it easier to navigate through. H1’s can be optimised by including keywords, which can be combined with H2 and H3 headings to organise sub content.
  • Media optimisation – visual content, such as images and videos, can also be optimised using descriptive alt tags and file names.

If you have any questions regarding the optimisation of your site’s content, please get in touch with Engage Web today.

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