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Keeping up with the information age with content outsourcing

Keeping up with the information age with content outsourcing

The ways in which people obtain news have changed dramatically. We used to watch a daily news programme, or scan the daily newspaper, for the latest information. Now, things move at a much faster pace, with huge volumes of new information being devoured daily. Television news is delivered in formats such as News 24, which has a constant stream of evolving news stories, so that the viewer can catch up minute by minute as events unfold. Online, most news websites of any standing will carry news stories as they break, and it’s not unusual to see “Page last updated 1 minute ago” on a news site. Via social media such as Facebook or Twitter, people keep in touch with both local social developments and breaking news. We seem to have developed an insatiable appetite for new information and the latest news, wherever we are at the time.

In this environment, static web content or a slightly out-of-date blog won’t win readers. In fact, a blog that appears to be neglected, even just for a week, can be a subtle signal to customers that all may not be well with your company.

If you feel overwhelmed by the need to provide ongoing, fresh content, it may pay to consider content outsourcing. Freelance writers write for a living, after all, and will know how to keep up the supply of fresh angles on your topic. With regularly updated, quality writing on your site, your customers will be in no doubt that you’re in business.

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