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Keeping things local sees SEO open shop

Keeping things local sees SEO open shop

There are real signs that search engine optimisation is entering the mainstream of business thinking, with online marketing agencies starting to open up consumer-facing offices and walk-in shops on the High Street.

There are already a number of shops open for business in London, Birmingham, Manchester and other major UK cities. Satellite offices are now already opening in regional areas too, with many more planned.

Though the internet marketing business is still very much conducted online, having the facility to speak directly to customers, and potential customers, is a huge advantage.

It also offers a personal touch, seen as lacking by many with SEO jobs. Providing the opportunity to better understand what a customer wants and needs, better results are often the result.

Another major reason why offices are opening is due to the continued rise in prominence of local search.

Linked largely to the increasing popularity of web-connected mobile devices, for many agencies, having a walk-in presence is key to unlocking local success.

For example, a search engine optimisation company based in Liverpool will know how to target a local audience far more effectively than one based the other end of the country. The understanding of local trends and current interests are improved, whilst geography and culture is inherently known.

Knowledge is power of course, and this particular ‘insider knowledge’ can be an incredibly powerful tool when applied in the right way.

Helping achieve high rankings in the SERPs, and attracting links from other local businesses, there are many benefits to keeping things local.

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