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Keeping search engines and people happy with SEO copywriting

Keeping search engines and people happy with SEO copywriting

In the mad scramble to push websites higher up in search rankings, sometimes it is easy to forget that real people read content as well as search robots. Yet, funnily enough, the needs of the mysterious search engine crawlers whom no-one has ever seen are in tune with the requirements of an average flesh-and-blood reader in more ways than you might think.

First of all, links have an extremely important effect on how high a particular site ranks in search results. Links are most often created when people find the content on a website so compelling that they want to remember it, return to it and share it with others as a valuable resource. Obviously the more content a site has, and the more interesting and useful it is, the greater the chance that people will want to link to it. Search engines take note of links both in terms of their quality and their quantity and use them to try and assess whether a website is authoritative and trustworthy, resulting in it being bumped further up or down the search listings.

The thought of regularly having to come up with fresh and useful ideas for content, and then create it, may be daunting but search engines and visitors will reward your efforts. There is also the option of hiring professionals to do the work, as experienced UK copywriters will have the necessary know-how to produce content that suits your website’s intended audience, as well as the search robots behind the scenes.

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