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Keep your web copywriting on topic

Keep your web copywriting on topic

It’s true what they say that diversity is good in life and that a change is as good as a rest. We all like to see, hear, read and experience different things, so mixing it up a little is always good.

Except on your website!

Change may be good, but when change means that your website’s content changes so much that it is no longer relevant to your website, you’re hindering your own SEO campaign. Writing copy about your favourite TV shows, your favourite football team and what your kids got up to on the weekend is fine for your own personal blog, but on your business website you need to keep your content relevant to your business. The more content that your website features that is relevant to your industry, the better Google will be able to categorise your website.

Off topic content will merely dilute your website’s relevance, which in turn will dilute your rankings in Google.

You may be thinking that your business or industry isn’t wide enough to provide regular copywriting for the website that you run. However, you’d be surprised how wide a topic can be expanded, and how interesting angles can be taken with your content when you hire the services of a professional web copywriting company.

If you’re getting stuck in a rut trying to come up with things to write for your website, seek help and see how much of an impact professional copywriting can have on your search engine rankings.

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