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Confused people

Just what is going on at Twitter?

Confused people

Just what is going on at Twitter?

The drama at Twitter HQ refuses to slow down. Not too long ago, the main topic of discussion was verified accounts impersonating the company’s new owner Elon Musk (and consequently having their accounts suspended).

Then, the new ability to gain a blue verified tick by paying $8 a month for the Twitter Blue subscription service arrived, allowing bored users with slightly too much time on their hands the chance to menacingly impersonate proudly family-friendly companies such as Nintendo.

Now, Twitter appears to be in complete disarray. Given the opportunity by the company’s new ownership to either stay with the company as part of ‘Twitter 2.0’, or be let go with three month’s pay, a huge number of employees have decided against being part of Musk’s reset of the company, leading to concerning rumours about the future of the entire company.

Subsequently, despite issuing a mandate ordering employees to return to in-office working, Musk told employees that they could work from home providing that they were offering an ‘excellent contribution’ to the business. Shortly after, Twitter announced it was closing its office buildings until next week and disabling employee badge access.

It’s worth noting at this point that, throughout this entire debacle, no media source has been able to receive any official comment from Twitter, as it is believed that the company’s communication department no longer exists.

Naturally, Twitter’s ever-inspiring owner, billionaire business magnate Elon Musk, has impressively found time within his new company’s unprecedented turmoil to post a variety of arguably outdated memes (which have been deleted during the writing of this article) that truly signify the level of comedy that he has managed to ‘legalise’ since his tenure as CEO began.

Despite some suggestions that the company could collapse entirely, it’s fair to say that Twitter still has huge potential in the world of social media, regardless of the ongoing turbulence surrounding its management.

Elon Deleted Tweet Screenshot
Elon Deleted Tweet Screenshot

As Musk rightly notes, Twitter usage is still at an all-time high, despite the drama. For businesses, for as long as Twitter as we know it still exists, it remains a great platform to share online content, create engagement and build an effective brand. If your company is looking to produce great content that can be shared onto social media platforms such as Twitter, our content team at Engage Web will be able to help you out, so speak to us today.

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