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Izik is a new rival for Google

Izik is a new rival for Google

Google could be facing a new rival search engine on tablet computers. Although the Blekko search engine doesn’t pose a threat to Google on desktop and laptop computers, it has created Izik, which is a new product formulated specifically for use with tablet computers. The new search engine has been designed to be compatible with tablets which operate Android software and Apple’s iPads.

Free apps have been launched for Android and iPad tablets to mark the debut of Izik, a name which has been taken from Isaac Newton the scientist. Search results using Izik display information capsules in rows so that they can be scrolled easily, either horizontally or vertically. Rich Skrenta, the founder and CEO of Blekko says the service is partially search, a discovery tool and a magazine all in one. Yahoo Inc. released a search app for tablets in May 2012 called Axis. Izik lists search results using visual thumbnails, like Axis.

According to Skrenta, search engines will change to meet the requirements of users who are increasingly relying on tablet computers rather than laptops and desktop PCs. As the format and algorithms used on laptops and tablet computers are alike, Skrenta believes that the search market will change in the future. Changes to search engines may affect the search engine optimisation of a company website, as Google is an integral part of any SEO campaign. Blekko receives around 12 million visitors a month and investors include the Russian search engine Yandex, which is more popular than Google at home.

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