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It’s okay to be a SERP sidekick

It’s okay to be a SERP sidekick

The general focus of an SEO campaign is to rank well in the SERPs. Most businesses would shy away from admitting that they are aiming for anything other than the number one spot. It’s important to remember that aiming for a sidekick position can be a very smart, and particularly successful, tactical move for search engine optimisation.

The position of sidekick isn’t a bad one. Take Danger Mouse, for example. The Cosgrove Hall cartoon superhero, popular in the 80s, had a lot going for him. Charming, intelligent, and able to run intellectual rings around his enemies, Danger Mouse made saving the world look easy. Talk to anyone who watched him as a child, though, and you’ll find just as many viewers who were fans of his sidekick, Penfold.

The same is true of just about any duo, and it can be true in the SERPs. The top position isn’t necessarily the one that gets the most attention. In SEO, appearing second, third, or even fifth in the listings can get you just as much traffic as the first position.

As with any successful sidekick, the key is in having a certain amount of flash. To attract attention in the SERPs, you need to have a well-written title tag, using keywords in a clear sentence, rather than a list. Outwriting your top competitor is a good idea, but when you’re up against SEO-savvy businesses, it can be just as good to establish your difference. Approaching SEO this way, rather than trying for the top spot, is a strategic move that works well.

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