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It’s not what you write; it’s how you write it

It’s not what you write; it’s how you write it

One of the most difficult aspects of content for some people to understand is exactly how the tone of the content should read. In order for content to have the best impact on your website and its search engine rankings, the content needs to be crafted in a specific manner. However, this proves very difficult for some people to comprehend.

Regular, interesting content does not mean adding advertorials to your website. It’s not an exercise where you can promote your products and services, writing sales pitches about how great your business is. No, that type of content has no place in this industry and will not benefit your website in terms of Google listings, repeat visitors, garnering natural links or turning visits into conversions.

Good quality content has to be interesting. It has to make someone want to read it, want to read more, want to learn more and want to come back. Good content also has to be written in such a way that’s great for SEO, so that your website will benefit from increased natural traffic from users searching for information relevant to your industry.

When we say relevant to your industry, we don’t mean that you have a sale on your latest product lines either. For example, if your website specialises in selling televisions, you wouldn’t write articles about how you’re better on prices than your competitors, or how you have new models in stock. That’s not content. Instead you’d write about how the digital switchover would affect consumers, comparisons between LCD and Plasma and about studies into how watching television affects children’s health.

That’s the kind of information people would be searching for on Google, that’s how they’d find your website.

Darren Jamieson
  • Excellent comment. Too many blogs and sites these days spend time selling you things rather than being informative.

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