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It’s all in the title

It’s all in the title

It’s all in the title – or is it?

When it comes to writing daily content for your website, it is important to realise that writing for the web and SEO purposes is not precisely the same as writing for a magazine, journal, newspaper or any other form of offline content.

When you’re writing for an offline source, a title needs to grab the user’s attention so the writer would generally try to make it intriguing, use a play on words or a pun, or some other such method.

However, a title for the web is different.  Users of your website have generally typed their search query into a search engine and that search engine, let’s assume it’s Google as that’s the one we all care about, will have already crawled the content and presented them with what it feels is relevant and the title is a major factor in this.

So, when writing a title for an article on the web, the title should ideally contain the keywords you want it to rank for or a search term that people are likely to search for in Google as the title will then help the article to rank for that search term.  From a search engine’s point of view, the title is the most important part of your page and Google isn’t clever enough yet to ‘get’ the joke or clever pun you’re trying to put into it.

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