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Is your website’s content easy to read?

Is your website’s content easy to read?

Every industry has its fair share of jargon, the sort of business buzzwords that people from outside of the industry probably wouldn’t understand. The SEO industry for example is famous for jargon, with phrases such as SMO, SEM, Linkbait and PageRank constantly cropping up on the pages of SEO blogs and websites.

However, whenever phrases such as these are mentioned it’s important that they are mentioned within context, and it’s vital (absolutely vital) that whatever you write on your company’s website that it’s made perfectly clear what your company actually does.

Nothing will lose a visitor faster than a website that says a lot, while telling nothing. Yet – you’d be surprised how often people fill their websites with clichéd, pompous jargon that says absolutely nothing at all.

For example, some of the phrases that often crop up on business websites, but mean absolutely nothing, include ‘communications solutions providers’ and ‘business management solutions’. The individual words themselves are fine, but when they’re put together to form a sentence, what do they mean? Sure, they sound intelligent, they’re all long words and they’re all business related – but together in a sentence, they say nothing, and they take a long time saying it.

If you’re unsure of whether or not your website features easy to read copy, ask people from outside your industry to cast their eye over it. If their eyes start to glaze over before they get past the first paragraph, a rewrite is in order.

Remember, if people can’t understand what your company actually does, you’re unlikely to convert any visitors into customers.

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