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Is your website the online version of a cheap motel?

Is your website the online version of a cheap motel?

I stayed in a cheap motel recently. I didn’t realise it was a cheap motel until I got there; the price certainly didn’t give it away. However, when I walked in, and I saw 90s-era furnishings and a slightly jaundiced look in general, I knew I was not in for the most comfortable of stays.

Why did I class it as a ‘cheap motel’? It wasn’t so much about the price of the room as the way it looked. It looked like a place that someone had set up, advertised and left. Thanks to this attitude, it was less than attractive.

The same sort of thing can easily happen to a website. Business owners sometimes have a tendency to treat their sites as part of the furniture, setting a site up and leaving it be until they absolutely have to refurbish. The trouble is though, that the internet moves fast. Pages that looked good even two or three years ago become the online equivalent of faded floral print furnishings. This means trouble when your competitor’s site looks like the Hilton.

Most search engine optimisation involves a little refurbishment of an old site. The longer you’ve left your site untended, the harder your SEO return on investment will be; SEO can only drive traffic to a website, you need a good web design to convert that traffic into sales or leads. Web designers have crafted entire careers out of fixing this kind of problem, but there are better things you could be using your SEO company’s time for. For the ongoing health of your site, tend to it regularly. Don’t let it become like a room in a cheap motel.

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