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Is your content marketing strategy suffering from bias?

Is your content marketing strategy suffering from bias?

Everyone knows that media outlets are often biased towards a certain point of view, but did you realise it could also be affecting your content marketing strategy?

Confirmation bias comes about when you tend to favour information that reinforces your existing assumptions. For example, if you believe the moon landings were faked, you are more likely to focus on the apparent inconsistencies like the flag flapping in a vacuum without including credible explanations for this phenomenon.

Why is confirmation bias so bad?

The main problem with confirmation bias is how it tends to twist the truth by causing you to latch onto anything that supports your current strategy while ignoring any problems that may exist. This can prevent you from taking actions that could greatly benefit your campaign, or it may cause you to make interventions based on flawed assumptions.

You also need to avoid bias in your content as well, because this will only hurt your credibility with your readers.

How do you avoid confirmation bias?

Confirmation bias is notoriously hard to detect, because people rarely notice how their subconscious is calling the shots. Fortunately, scientists have been working to exclude bias for years by:

• Questioning any assumptions
• Using hard data
• Seeking to prove themselves wrong

For example, you may be working under the assumption that your audience prefers longer content, but can you really back this up? Maybe your audience is more mobile oriented with a preference for concise content.

Content should also be checked for potential bias where possible. If you use a commercial copywriting service, any bias should be picked up by a reviewing editor.

In conclusion, confirmation bias is inherently embedded in our minds, but once you make a conscious effort to challenge it, you’ll find it easier to make good decisions about your content marketing strategy.

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