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Is your business offering exceptional customer service?

Is your business offering exceptional customer service?

When was the last time you thought like a customer?

While customers (and, ultimately, the sales they generate) are the driving force behind any business, it can be tempting for business owners to, after a certain amount of success, become complacent.

Let’s be honest – no business is created with completely altruistic aims in mind. While some may be more ethical than others in terms of their practices and values, one thing that businesses should never fall short on is treating their customers fairly throughout every single interaction they have with the brand. While this may seem like common sense to most, everyone in the world has experienced at least one example of terrible customer service.

A great customer experience can hold a different meaning to everyone, meaning that businesses must be flexible in their interactions with consumers, and collect data to ensure they are adapting as the needs of their demographics change. The older generation, for example, may place more value on easy communication – so, making your company readily available through phone calls or messaging services can assure your consumers of your support. The younger generation, on the other hand, may place more of a priority on quick delivery, or the ethics of a company (for example, how eco-friendly your products are).

Understanding how your desired audience thinks, and what their pain points are, can allow you to proactively target a problem before it even becomes one.

As previously mentioned, one way to do this effectively is by collecting data. Surveys, engaging with customers on social media and actively researching your target demographic are all great ways to achieve this. Another way would be to put your “customer shoes” on and walk yourself through the experience on your website through fresh eyes. Is it easy to navigate? Are your products and their prices clearly labelled? Is it easy to get in touch with you? The quickest way to turn off a potential customer is to have them going round in circles on your website, ending with them getting frustrated and shutting it down, never to return.

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Lia Bartley

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