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Is your article writing too long and too short?

Is your article writing too long and too short?

Some people maintain that it is easy to be a critic. Article writers can be sensitive about their best efforts. They may feel that a critic does not appreciate the constraints under which they do their best. Imagine how an article writer would feel if someone told them their work was simultaneously too long and too short. At this point, there would probably be some confusion because the critic has apparently adopted a contradictory stance.

However, effective article writers are thoughtful people. They want to produce content which reflects well on them. If one writer considered the comment that their work is too lengthy and too brief they may have understood what the critic was clumsily trying to get at. The critic was probably suggesting that the article read too long in that it failed to capture and sustain the attention of the reader. The critic was possibly claiming that the article was short on content and that there was not enough detail to justify the number of words employed. It would be prudent for the article writer to get clarification on these points from the critic.

If an article lacks concrete detail and does not flow well, the reader may well abandon reading it before its conclusion. The secret of effective article writing, especially for search engine optimisation purposes, is to understand that writing and reading are a partnership. Like any partnership, it has to be based on mutual respect. Each reader will respond to an article in a different way. If an article writer keeps the idea of satisfying their readers at the centre of their work, their articles will not be either too long or too short.

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