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Is this the rebirth of Twitter?


Is this the rebirth of Twitter?

In recent years, Twitter has seen fewer people using its social media platform, so what can they do to rectify this?

Twitter’s investors seem to believe that the issue with the platform is the level of noise. Unlike Facebook, which only shows users posts in their newsfeeds which its algorithm concludes they will want to see; Twitter simply serves up all of the tweets from everyone the user follows.

The social network seems to offer a solution for users through Project Lightning. This initiative will add one new core feature to Twitter, which enables its users to see a number of different events at a real-time rate, giving users the option to follow the events they prefer.

This should make Twitter much quieter, as it will allow people to easily work out which accounts to follow, and keep up-to-date with an event without searching a particular hashtag, leading to less confusion about what and who is best to follow, with most Twitter users create their own interpretations of hashtags.

Even though we won’t see Project Lightning implemented for another few months, it seems that investors and those in power at Twitter are happy about this, and feel that Project Lightning is, as the current Senior Vice President, Kevin Weil puts it:

a brand new way to look at tweets. This is a bold change, not evolutionary.

It would be fitting to hope that this is the first step to making Twitter a better virtual environment. With current predictions of a user increase to match that of Facebook, it wouldn’t be naive to assume so.

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