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Is there an ideal length for SEO content?

Is there an ideal length for SEO content?

Much has been written about the ideal length for SEO content and news content for websites. Many of the theories have gone into detail over the different requirements of Google and Yahoo, and how Yahoo likes to see more copy on a page than Google.

This is all well and good, but remember what Google always preaches: write your content for users, not for search engines.

This is very true, and will serve you well when writing SEO content. So what is the ideal length for SEO copywriting?

Some content agencies like to stick to a fixed length, around 120 words, believing that people don’t want to read any more than that. If you look at content on websites such as the BBC and other newspaper websites, you’ll see that they often write far more than this. Sometimes however, they write less.

This is the key. Sticking to a fixed length, be it 120 words or 500 words isn’t a good idea. All of your SEO articles become the same, offering no variety in terms of length or structure. This is bad for people reading it, because it becomes stale, and it’s bad for search engines.

Vary your article length. Write some short articles and some long articles. However much you write though, you’d be advise to keep to a minimum of 200 words (as 120 words really is too short for meaningful SEO).

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