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Is my area of specialty too niche to start a podcast?

Is my area of specialty too niche to start a podcast?

While the concept of a general appeal podcast might seem like the right path to attract a wider audience, it can be a counterintuitive move. Although some general podcasts enjoy success, it is difficult to achieve starting from scratch. Most podcasts fall into a niche category, and with good reason. Read on to find out why your area of expertise can never be too niche.

In marketing, a niche defines a specific area of the market which has its own unique desires, preferences and needs. This concept holds true when examining your podcast niche. Although your speciality podcast is not designed to sell a product or service, it should still address the expectations and needs of the kinds of people in your selected target audience. If you respect this approach, you will find that listeners keep tuning in and engaging with the content you air.

Studies show that most listeners looking for a podcast already have a general idea of the kind of content they seek. Creating a niche podcast means that new listeners know exactly where to find you and give you a greater chance of becoming known as a thought leader. It also allows you to climb the charts for your speciality quickly as there’s less alternative content to compete with.

Put simply, your speciality can never be too niche for a podcast, as the more niche your content, the better the opportunity is for you to capture a higher percentage audience in the community. Your community of listeners can then consist of your business’ ideal customers.

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