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Is Google the top search engine for Gen Z?

Is Google the top search engine for Gen Z?

In recent months and years, it has been suggested that social media apps like Instagram and, more specifically, TikTok, have become the primary method for the younger generation browsing the internet for answers, solutions, news, entertainment and more.

For so long, Google has been the be all and end all when it comes to search engines and the search intentions of internet users. However, it was beginning to seem like this wasn’t quite the case for Gen Z like it was for every generation that’s enjoyed the internet before it.

Well, a recent study set out to show if this was true or not…

Is TikTok the new Google?

In short, not really.

Google is still the primary search engine for every generation, even Gen Z. While the study suggests that the Gen Z age group are more likely to use social media when searching the internet for specific information than other generations, only 21% of them will begin their searches on TikTok, compared to 46% for Google.

The study’s findings do suggest a slight shift in search behaviour. The popularity of multimedia platforms like TikTok among Gen Z is likely a factor in this, as these platforms are more visual than your standard Google search.

As search intentions continue to evolve, platforms such as TikTok may start to gain even more ground on Google. However, it is likely that Google will adapt its world-famous search engine to fit the behaviour of users, especially those of an entire generation who like to do things a bit differently.

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