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Is Google Adwords a waste of time?

Is Google Adwords a waste of time?

There was an interesting discussion taking place on SEOMOZ this month, which looked at whether Google Adwords actually delivered the results it promised. The blog that started the debate admitted it was the best tool of its kind for SEO marketers, but warned it should not be wholly relied upon.

Giving examples throughout of collated data, the blog explored the vagaries between the data returned for an Adwords query, and the real time data experienced by the search engine.

In some cases, it appeared that data was simply not being effectively captured by Adwords; in the example used, this was as high as 50%.

Such a high figure is worrying and whilst it can be reduced through more accurate query running on Adwords, this pretty much defeats the object.

There were a number of suggestions given for addressing the problem (featurette?).

One is to spend more time creating queries in Adwords. As mentioned above, this feels very self-defeating, but by starting broad and narrowing down, phrases otherwise hidden will be unlocked. The use of exact match is highly advised.

Comparison against other analytic tools was also advised, whilst unique page creation for hidden keywords was said to be a good way to rank.

The discussion goes on further with a number of SEO professionals putting their own take on things. In conclusion though, most were in agreement that the tool was lacking but said this is not too surprising, and that online marketers should already be using an avenue of tools to complete their work.

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