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Is doing right by Google doing right by everyone else?

Is doing right by Google doing right by everyone else?

People often ask if writing content for Google is different than writing content for other search engines, such as Yahoo. The answer isn’t quite as straight forward as you might hope however as Google and Yahoo do look for different things, and SEO professionals have commented in the past the algorithms of the two search giants sometimes seem at odds with each other.

For example, it’s almost impossible to ‘over SEO’ your website for Yahoo. The more keywords you get into your pages, the better you’ll rank for Yahoo. Now, before you rush of and fill your website’s pages with keywords you should think for a second, how will Google react to that? It won’t like it at all.

By having a very high density of keywords on your site, Yahoo will notice you, but Google will ignore you. That’s why many websites rank very well in Yahoo, but struggle in Google.

The answer is to do what’s right by Google, as you should expect to receive around 80% of your search traffic in the UK from Google if your rankings in all search engines were comparable. Keep your keywords to a sensible level and only use them naturally and where they’re relevant. Over using them will cause Google to look displeasingly upon your site, and no amount of high rankings in Yahoo will make up for a Google penalty.

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