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Is Divi really a revolution in design?


Is Divi really a revolution in design?

WordPress is reportedly utilised by over 24% of all websites according to w3techs.com, which equates to over 60% of the content management system (CMS) market share. This information clearly indicates that the CMS is popular amongst the online community.

Largely, however, WordPress does require you to have a working knowledge of PHP, HTML and CSS in order to be able to make a site something unique. This means that people mostly need to enlist the work of a professional web designer to be able to have a professional and functional website.

Elegant Touch, a WordPress theme developing company, has recently released ‘Divi 2.4’ which seems to aim to rectify this situation. The theme allows users to customise their site in whatever way they see fit.

Some design companies seem to believe that this kind of software is causing a revolution in web design. While to an extent this is true, it does come at a cost. According to Elegant Touch’s website, you can purchase three different types of subscription, ranging from around $69 to $249 (£44 to £159).

Ultimately, therefore, not only do individuals seeking custom designs for their websites have to pay for the theme itself, but they also have to spend time building their site, including ensuring that all of the content is right and implementing a search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. From a business perspective, this could prove costly. After all, time is money.

If we look at the big picture, there are many things that businesses can handle themselves, for example, accounts can be done without the use of an accountant and human resources (HR) can be carried out without the services of a HR company. However, the issue with doing things such as this yourself is that one mistake could be costly for your enterprise.

The same applies for web design. One slip up with the programming or the content on the site and your entire business’ reputation could be in tatters.

While the development of Divi is positive, it is still always best to make use of professionals that are experienced in web design and internet marketing to get the best return on investment.

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