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Is content really that important?

Is content really that important?

In the grand scheme of online marketing, just how important is content? If you’ve spent money on SEO, surely you don’t need content to get you those extra few places in Google, or to jump above your nearest rival?

Just have a look at how many pages the website on the first page of Google for your keywords have indexed. You can be almost certain that they have more pages than your website. You can also be fairly certain that they’re updated regularly, either with news, site updates, user comments or some other form of unique content.

SEO, as powerful as it is, can only do so much. SEO allows you to tell Google what your website is about, what phrases it should be returning your website for in its results pages, but it can’t force Google to treat your website as important. Google will only rank websites highly if it believes they will offer value to its users, and does your website offer value?

Does your website offer information about your industry? If you searching for information on your industry, would you use your own website as the main source?

If you’ve answered no, then you need content, and yes, it really is that important.

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