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Is a series of articles better for SEO?

Is a series of articles better for SEO?

While the majority of articles on the Web stand alone proudly, the series is a less often used, but perhaps more potentially useful, mode of content writing. SEO copywriting ‘rules’ often state that pieces of writing should be limited within a certain length, be broken into easily digested chunks and contain helpful headings, all of which can help a writer trying to get a point across to readers without losing them before the article finishes.

However, having a series is another way of holding interest while imparting large amounts of useful information, which readers could find extremely valuable. A series is one way of attracting a lot of attention and links and gaining authority on the internet, all of which are positive factors for SEO.

Another natural benefit of creating a series is that it is human nature to like a story, or saga, where there is an element of anticipation before each instalment. If the articles in a series are well-written and a pleasure to read, that anticipation is heightened. In cases where the content will remain useful over time, a series could hang around on the Web for a long period, acquiring a greater mass of interest with each passing year. With this in mind, employing someone who is skilled in article writing could be a wise investment for SEO in the long-term. The authority, and subsequent boost in search engine ratings, bestowed upon the originating website of a renowned series could be difficult to achieve otherwise.

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