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Is a Blogspot or WordPress hosted blog any good for SEO?

Is a Blogspot or WordPress hosted blog any good for SEO?

A question we often get asked is whether having a blog on the Google owned Blogspot or hosted on WordPress is good enough for SEO. After all, by doing one of those you’re creating a website than links to you, and links are important for SEO.

This is all true, the more sites that link to you the better, and having a blog hosted elsewhere linking back to you is worth something. However, is it worth you writing articles on it regularly, when your website doesn’t feature such content?

Google believes that sites linking to you are important, yes. They count as a vote for your site, yes. Yet if your site doesn’t have the goods to back it up you won’t benefit from Google’s improved ranking of your website. You need to have the content on your site, otherwise a site brimming with content linking to you will seem as though it’s just a paid link.

You need to lavish the care and attention on your own website, not on a free hosted website. The content needs to be under your own domain, so that Google knows it’s you that’s providing it.

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